Clean eating in Cape Town - Inspired healthy food options

Q & A with one half of the TOSSD owners, Tamee Witten 

Healthy Eating Snacks

1.    Inspiration for the menu 

What inspired your menu? 

Tamee: I was travelling between Cape Town and Johannesburg and found that there are not many options of a fast casual offering when one wants to maintain healthy eating. 

I then had an experience of another brand that offers a certain level of customization with a salad offering and realized that there is a need for such a concept. 

We started with the “customize your salad” concept and then extended into the use of “fresh, quality” ingredients to complete the full menu with the addition of warm bowls, wraps, soups, cold pressed juices and baked items.

2.    Clean eating and the health trend

How do you ensure that you can appeal to this trend? 

Tamee: We spent a lot of time researching and testing how to maintain the best tasting offering whilst still maintaining the integrity of the “fresh” concept. 

Meals are prepared on site upon order, the base of each salad is a low carb option with either kale, lettuce or baby spinach.

Juices are pressed in our kitchen every morning and the smoothies use only the finest ingredients. I feel like this will mean a lot to anyone who remotely tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Cape Town and store location

What made you choose this location for your first store? 

Tamee: Cape Town seems to be a hub of this health trend as you can see by the amount of Cape Town based “fitfluencers” on social media these days so it made sense to launch in this city ... that and we are based in Cape Town! 

Then secondly, the actual centre at Sloan Square in Gardens showed potential when we researched and prepared our business plan. 

The catchment area services many busy, employees in the surrounding office park and office blocks and the residential apartments and houses revealed household incomes which could prove profitable for TOSSD. It made business sense basically.

4.    Menu for healthy eating

What are your favourite menu items and why? 

Tamee: Easy answer. There are 3 of them. The teriyaki chicken salad because it’s got all of my favourite ingredients in them, the creamy tomato basil soup because it’s so well balanced and the pineapple, pear, ginger & mint cold pressed juice because it’s such a winning combination! 

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